Packin: Label Applicator PK-52 with Inkjet Marker PK-700

Packin: Label Applicator PK-52 with Inkjet Marker PK-700

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In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing and labeling, the PK-52 semi automatic label applicator with the Pk-700 inkjet printer represents a cutting-edge solution for printing variable data directly on product labels.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this semi automatic label applicator, which is changing the way businesses manage their production and product labeling.

The Pk-52 semi automatic label applicator comes with several key features that make it an excellent choice for printing variable data on labels:

  • Advanced Inkjet Marker: This labeler is equipped with an inkjet marker that allows for fast and precise printing of variable data directly on the label. This eliminates the need for pre-printed labels and provides greater flexibility in customization.
  • User-Friendly: The Pk-52 and the inkjet marker are designed to be user-friendly, even for those with limited labeling experience. An intuitive interface and easy setup ensure a seamless adoption process.
  • Fast Printing: Thanks to state-of-the-art inkjet technology, this labeler can print variable data at astonishing speeds, making it particularly beneficial for businesses with large-scale production.
  • Customizable Variable Data: The PK-52 enables the printing of variable data such as serial numbers, expiration dates, product information, and more. This is crucial for businesses managing a wide range of products with unique labeling requirements.



  • Time and Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for pre-printed labels, the PK-52 reduces production costs and the time required for label preparation.
  • Precision: Inkjet printing offers unparalleled precision in product labeling, minimizing human errors.
  • Customization: Businesses can easily customize their product labels to meet specific customer requirements.


Advantages of Inkjet Cartridges:

  • High Print Quality: The inkjet cartridges used with the marker provide exceptional print quality, ensuring sharp and well-defined text and graphics on labels.
  • Ink Versatility: Inkjet cartridges are available in various ink formulations suitable for a variety of materials and applications. This allows businesses to tailor their printing to specific needs.
  • Low Operating Costs: Inkjet cartridges are generally cost-effective to replace and require less maintenance compared to other printing technologies, resulting in significant long-term cost savings.


The Pk-52 semi automatic label applicator  with the Pk-700 inkjet marker finds application in a wide range of industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and industrial sectors. It is ideal for labeling products with variable data requirements.

The Pk-52 semi automatic labeler with the Pk-700 inkjet marker is revolutionizing how businesses handle the printing of variable data directly on labels.

With its ease of use, speed, precision, and the high-quality inkjet cartridges, this labeler offers significant advantages, making product labeling more efficient, cost-effective, and customizable than ever before.


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