JetBox-Pk-168 table inkjet marker

JetBox-Pk-168 table inkjet marker

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JetBox-Pk-168 is an cheap and efficient table marker for variable data printing, encodings, barcodes and much more.

•Demonstration video of the table inkjet marker: Pk-168

JetBox-Pk168 has a intuitive and easy management software

The table marker has a 7" touch screen display which offers excellent visibility and makes it possible to create labels directly on the display.

The product to be marked is positioned on the right side of the machine and by pressing the print key (above) or the pedal (on the floor), printing takes place automatically in 1 second. The lateral support for the products is adjustable in height and depth to move the print point to the desired position.

You can store up to 1000 various formats on file and then use them when needed.

Furthermore, it is possible to create delays in the printing position also on the display and memorize them.

During the saving phase, all the parameters of the print position, type of ink, print definition, print area, progressive numbering, dates, times, etc. are also automatically stored. so that it is easy to resume the same file for subsequent processing.

It is possible to create labels with variable or static data containing: dates, times, lot numbers, progressive numbers, alphabetic writings with characters from micro to large, Windows fonts, barcodes, two-dimensional barcodes, QRCode, logo and small images.

The machine automatically keeps the date and times updated to automate deadlines if necessary.

JetBox-Pk168 allows printing on many types of materials from paper to plastic, PET, PP, PT etc.

It is possible to print variable data on the most varied types of products: round, oval, rectangular, square and with irregular shapes, transparent and not.

The latest generation inks offer a seal suitable for marking the most varied products and materials, both porous and non-porous.

A wide range of inks differ in color, solvent based, water based, professional HP technology inks offer full coverage and resistance on almost all materials.

The technology used is the well-known HP® TIJ2.5 with cartridge that integrates the print head.

Furthermore, every time the cartridge is changed, the print head will be new, thus eliminating all wear parts.

Ink consumption is very low, for example a 45ml cartridge. it can print about 150,000 labels in ARIAL 8 format with date, expiry, lot.